Now, free Wi-Fi at Churchgate station, Kala Ghoda and 500 other spots in Mumbai

While the Internet is already rejoicing over the fearless and wonderful speech by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globe Awards earlier today, the net-savvy in Mumbai have more cause for celebration. Maharashtra’s Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, took to Twitter today to announce that of the proposed 1,200 Wi-Fi hotspots to be introduced in Mumbai, 500 are officially active, starting today.


In a bid to make Mumbai a Wi-Fi city and provide digital access to the millions who live in the commercial capital, Chief Minister Fadnavis had announced, in August 2016, according to this report, that he would be undertaking the project to install 1,200 Wi-Fi hotspots across the city, in prominent locations, for people to access mapping guidelines, directions, and important information, without having to struggle for cellular data.

In the first phase, hotspots at important locations like bus depots and railway stations have been activated. Some of these locations include the SEEPZ bus depot, the Bandra West bus depot, Churchgate junction, and Mantralaya. According to Chief Minister Fadnavis, the scheme witnessed over 23,000 sign ups in the testing phase, which lasted from January 2 to January 8 this year. This is not only touted as India’s largest public Wi-Fi project, but also one of the largest world over.

Chief Minister Fadnavis was also quick to add on Twitter that while test-phase users were able to download two terabytes of data thus far, the government will monitor any connectivity issues, and look to resolve them by the time the project is completed. The estimated deadline for all 1,200 hotspots to go live is May 1, 2017.

Let’s hope that this step is as beneficial for the public as it is proposed to be.

You can find the current list of available hotspots here.


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