She’s 82, has 37 grand kids, and is on her way to become the world tennis champion

Tennis is a fairly popular sport in India, and we have Sania Mirza and Leander Paes who have won fame on the courts. However, the retirement age in professional tennis is shockingly young, and most players retire in their 30s. Bjorn Borg (one of the greatest), famously retired from the career at the age of 37.

On the flip side, we have Ana Obarrio de Pereyra Iraola from Argentina. She is 82 years old and plans to become the Senior World Champion (in Florida, USA) in 2017.

Source (Ana Iraola, centre)

Obarrio played tennis since she was a young girl and won many youth championships. Unfortunately, after being married at the age of 18, she had to quit because her husband did not approve of her playing doubles with men.


Until her husband’s death in 1949, Obarrio abandoned her passion to care for ten children and 37 grandchildren, but afterwards, took up amateur tennis at the age of 40 again.


At the age of 60, she started playing professionally, and has since won two senior championships in Germany and Turkey.

In fact, on her 82nd birthday in October 2016, she was representing Argentina in Croatia for the Super Senior World Championship organised by the International Tennis Federation. The unstoppable force that she is, Obarrio plans to be world number one in senior tennis by the end of 2017, proving that age has nothing to do with proficiency.


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