She’s 63, she’s a professor, and she’s a fashion blogger – what’s your excuse?

Fashion blogging has taken off in a big way, what was once started by people like Karla’s Closet and The Sartorialist. And a lot of young people take to the internet with their opinions on all things fashion, both in India and abroad. But in a one-of-its-kind blog, professor Lyn Slater is a social welfare lecturer at Fordham University by day, and a fashion blogger outside of school, who goes by the name of Accidental Icon.


What’s different?

Lyn Slater is not just a professor and fashion blogger, but she is also someone who defies the notions of age connected with fashion and style. Starting the blog in 2014, when she was 61, her idea was to create a blog that spoke to women who live “interesting but ordinary lives” in the urban spaces.

accidental-icon-2How did it all begin?

The beginning for Lyn Slater was two-fold. She was always told by her students, colleagues and friends, that she was rather stylish in the way she dressed. Most times, conversations as such were followed with the quip, “You should start a blog!” How she took her name, Accidental Icon, is a unique enough story. When meeting a friend during the New York Fashion Week, a number of people started to photograph her, thinking she was someone influential in fashion, considering she was also dressed rather smartly. Bring the both together and you get a fashion blogger, whose sartorial sensibility is in sync with the trends today, and yet she carves her own unique profile, maintaining certain staples in every picture.

14712411_358901137777079_709288568756895744_nTrademark moves

Every fashion blogger comes with a unique insignia, and for Lyn Slater, that lies in wearing primarily monochrome outfits, with the occasionally surprising burst of colour. The shots are mostly in black and white, taken by her partner Calvin August Lom, and she is always seen sporting sunglasses, a feature she attributes to her own shyness as a person. Moreover, what is also unique about her style is that she brings contrasting pieces together – a flouncy top will be paired with a smartly tailored jacket, a well fitted top with loose trousers, and other contrasting silhouettes that match well. Moreover, her sense of fashion is also influenced by the sheer depth of knowledge she possesses, traversing a line between conventional and rebellious, all too beautifully.

Why we love her

Lyn Slater proves that there’s no barrier of age when it comes to fashion, or anything, for that matter. She also brings a strong sense of intelligence and craft to her looks, without being gimmicky or showy. She also brings an academic perspective to her work as a fashion blogger, her influences being the works of Japanese designers, primarily Yohji Yamamoto, and how she ties together the concept of social welfare, and what clothes say about lifestyle, in her blogging practice. Today, she has over 65,000 followers on her Instagram handle, and is also considered an influencer in the digital world of fashion. She’s really got it all, hasn’t she?



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