This organisation has helped over 5,000 differently abled people grab great jobs

The most common misconception about persons with disabilities (PWDs) is that they need our sympathy and the only reason to hire them would be out of charity. The truth couldn’t be further from that as proved by EnAble India, a charitable trust that has placed PWD in major companies like Wipro, Thompson Reuters and Pepsico India.

Manoj, using sign language, placed at Shell
Manoj, placed at Shell, uses sign language to communicate

Founders Shanti Raghavan and Dipesh Sutariya, both had experiences with family members being differently abled. And after undergoing many hardships with their own loved ones, they decided to ease the burden of others facing the same issues.

The NGO focuses on training and counselling PWD so that it becomes possible for them to join mainstream workforce with confidence and dignity.

Kuldeep, physically disabled person placed at UST, India
Kuldeep, physically disabled person placed at UST, India

Apart from providing job opportunities, the company also runs the EnAble Academy that provides technological support and educational resources for PWDs, their family members, employers etc.

A visually impaired trainee marks her attendance at EnAble Academy, Bangalore

So far, the company has a mechanism in place to rehabilitate the visually impaired, hearing impaired, and those with physical disability, cerebral palsy and mental illness.

Their biggest success story is Sumanth KV, a young man with Cerebral palsy, who, under the mentorship of Shanti Raghavan, graduated from IIM Indore, and went on to work for Thomson Reuters and Flipkart.

Sumanth, giving a speech at the India Inclusion Summit, 2015

In December 2016, EnAble India started a campaign called #GarvSe, and released an anthem in association with Shankar Mahadevan Academy called Garv Se Jiyenge,

Join the movement or find out much more information here.


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