This music video of Saudi Women smashing patriarchy has gone viral

A viral video published on December 23, 2016 on YouTube has been making social media rounds. Made by director Majed Alesa of 8ies Studio, the video features music from an old folk Bedouin song entitled, Hwages (loosely translated to ‘concerns’), and has garnered over 4 million views.

The first shot of the song depicts five women entering a car that is driven by a boy too young to drive, a direct allusion to the forbiddance of Saudi women from driving themselves. They start singing and clapping, much to the disapproval of the men around.

The next shot shows the totally badass women riding skateboards and scooters, even popping wheelies. Clearly, these women decided to switch the non-drivable car for more legal (loophole-wise) modes of transportation.

After more stern admonishment, the women relocate to a basketball court to showcase their sick moves, while all throughout the pop song at the back proclaims— ‘men are like illness and should vanish.’

Finally, a cut-out of Donald Trump appears in the official-looking ‘House of Men’ doing administrative stuff.

The video is not even mildly subtle with its portrayal of men’s faces on bowling pins that these women are knocking down. Successfully, we may add.

The final sequence shows the women in a purdah setting where they seem to be imploring for a better life for themselves before abandoning propriety to make some noise.

If you haven’t caught it yet, watch it here and tell us what you think about this amazingly fun music video.


Tanvi J

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