5 questions you should ask yourself before you decide to enter a relationship

The first question that most people ask upon encountering a romantic interest is ‘What are you looking for, in a relationship?’ And while it may be the most oft asked question that is rarely answered with any introspection, it’s the key to a happy relationship.

Once we figure out why and what we want from a relationship, we automatically become ready to embrace all that a healthy romance has to offer. Ask yourself these five questions and decide if you’re ready to become a couple.

Am I sick of being single?

Lonely woman missing her boyfriend while swinging in the park

If you’re missing someone at night, it may be a sign of wanting intimacy. However, if you’re just missing the feeling of being able to call some your ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’, then it’s not the best idea for you to jump into a serious relationship.

Am I still hung up on the ex?

Sad wife after divorce

Do you really want to be in a relationship or are you just looking to distract yourself from the heartache of the one that got away? Be real to yourself and admit that if your mind space is occupied by your ex, then it’s not a healthy idea to get into a new relationship.

Do I love myself?

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Clichés are clichéd for a reason, and therefore the one that says, ‘you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself’, is definitely true. If you are not ready to accept yourself, warts and all, then there is no way that you can be content with anyone else.

Am I sorted enough?

Heart-shape for the nature.

Is your job good? How about friends and family? Generally upbeat? The reason we’re asking you all these questions is that, even though it is practically impossible to have your entire life in order, you must be sorted enough to not muddle another person up in your messy life.

Am I ready to open up?

Couple in love drinking coffee in coffee shop

If you say yes to a relationship, you say yes to making yourself vulnerable and available to another person’s needs and dreams. Unless you’re ready to share your life and stuff, it’s probably a good idea to stay single for a while.


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