Congratulations on your wedding! Here, have a condom

The population of India (currently, 1.31 billion people) is fast catching up with China (1.75 billion) as the most populated country in the world. The situation has reached a stage where the government has started taking active measures to control the human explosion. Some are ingenious (like increasing abortion availability until the 20th week of pregnancy), and some have been scary (Assam’s two-child policy).

However, UP government, in an inspired move that we, honestly, didn’t think them capable of, have under the Mission Parivar Vikas scheme, decided to present each newly wed couple with a Nayi Pahal kit.


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Each of the Nayi Pahal kits consists of a packet of condoms, emergency contraceptives, oral contraceptives, a packet of towels, nail-cutter, comb, mirror, etc, along with information brochures that detail effective family planning. There will also be interactive study material for couples with FAQs and quizzes.


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Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers will be distributing the kits throughout neighbourhoods in UP. They will also be counselling the couples on effective family planning, two-child policy, and safe sexual health.


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Mission Parivar Vikas has rolled out the policy, just in time to commemorate the World Population Day on July 11. They hope, that with educating and providing for the newlyweds, they will ensure that subsequent generations will receive taboo-free instructions, themselves.

Here’s hoping their efforts are successful because this is really important and necessary in India, today.



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