‘I really don’t care about what Manu Sharma does anymore’ – Jessica Lall’s sister

I first spoke with Sabrina Lall in 2014 when I interviewed her for a magazine I worked with then. Today, as I saw Manu Sharma trending on Twitter, I recalled that three-hour long chat I had had with her.

Sabrina Lall, unlike what Vidya Balan portrayed in the film No One Killed Jessica, is a lively person full of life. We had spoken about her travel agency that she runs with a friend in Delhi, she had been kind enough to narrate the entire series of events to me back then.

Today, after I learnt that Manu Sharma will pursue higher studies (law surprisingly), I decided to call her again.


She was full of spunk as always and said, “I honestly don’t care about what Manu Sharma does or doesn’t do anymore. That cannot be a reason for me to stop living my life. It is ironic that he wants to now pursue law. I have never met the man after the verdict came out and have no inclination of doing so.”

Sabrina Lall has moved on and rightly so. Her voice filled me with hope that time does heal everything. So, while Twitter may go crazy with Manu Sharma being out on parole; to Jessica Lall’s sister, it doesn’t really matter.