The horrors continue as a 22-year-old girl is gang-raped in Jaipur

The year has already started on a bleak note with the Bangalore molestation, the attack on campers in Lonavala, the brutal murder of an 80-year-old woman in Sonipat, and a woman’s husband inserting a rolling pin into her for not being able to bear children. A new horror story now surfaces, where a 22-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by four men in Jaipur.

According to a Times of India report, the girl was returning to Jaipur from Alwar after a staff selection exam, and was looking to board an auto rickshaw from Jaipur railway station, to her rented accommodation in Jagatpura, where she lives with her father, and a brother who is currently on vacation. A while later, the girl was apparently approached by an auto rickshaw, which had three other men seated, besides the driver, claiming to drop her to her location on a sharing basis. Not before long, the men allegedly gagged the girl, took her to a nearby park, raped her through the night, and dropped her outside the gate of an engineering college on JLN Marg. The girl, then, called the police control room to report the incident. What’s more, the girl alleged in her complaint that she was made to drink pesticides by the four men, post the incident that happened on Monday evening. The girl is originally from Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh.


While the first medical examination confirms sexual assault, the police claim that there are possibly loopholes in her story, as no struggle marks or injuries were noted. Furthermore, the police are currently unable to trace the whereabouts of the auto rickshaw, likely one of 2,000 illegally plying auto rickshaws in Jaipur, since the girl does not recall the registration number. But the girl’s mobile phone is being used to track her whereabouts from the night, to vet her story, and CCTV camera footage in the areas the girl has allegedly been assaulted in, are being investigated.

While the story in itself is shocking, and further rips into our belief in safety standards for women in the country, the police’s notion that the crime by itself could be fabricated, or that it contains loopholes, raises the question of whether anyone would have the nerve to fabricate such a heinous crime.

Close on its heels comes a report from the very same night from Gurugram, where a 26-year-old IT professional was grabbed in the middle of a busy IFFCO Chowk at 7pm in the evening, by a man in the backseat of an SUV. She yelled and screamed for help but reportedly no one came to her aid, and she was able to free herself when the car sped off as the signal turned green.

We’re really just about tired of asking questions about when this ends, or why this happens, or how it can be stopped. Because, clearly, from the small suburbs of Jaipur, the residential neighbourhoods of Bangalore, the remote villages in Haryana, and the busiest streets in Gurugram, nothing is safe enough for women.


Aakriti Anand

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