5 things only your big sister can teach you about heartbreak!

If you have a big sister, you’ll know how much of a boon they are when it comes to getting through life’s hurdles, especially heartbreak because they’re not afraid to call it like it is. Heartbreaks are hard to deal with and we’ve compiled some advice only a big sister can give.

#1 Your relationship was yours alone and you’ll deal with it your way


No matter what anyone says, the end of every relationship is different and everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Some people turn to reckless behaviour, some people don’t leave their apartment for a month, whatever it is you need to do to heal, do it. Don’t beat yourself up for any bad decisions you make during heartbreak  because all roads lead to healing.

#2 Don’t run away from acknowledging your mistakescocktaildeepika

A relationship is a two-way street. So is a break-up. If you’ve been wrong and said some hurtful things during the break-up or relationship, it’ll feel better if you own it instead of starting a blame-game. Own what you do and move on. It makes for a healthy clean break and allows for all the bitterness to leave your body.

#3 You’re allowed to say you’re not okay

Good start |Source
Good start |Source

Heart break is not fun. You’re allowed to not be okay, you’re allowed to cry, scream, lay in a ball on the floor. You don’t have to put on a brave face and pretend like you’re wonder woman. She gets sad too. But when you’re done being sad for a week, stop and consciously try and get up, see friends, see the people who love you.

#4 You are more than who you were in your relationship


It can be difficult to be alone after you get out of a relationship especially if it was a long one. It’s easy to fall into a pit and attach all your self worth with what your ex thinks of you. But you are and always have been more than your relationship and for whatever reason it ended, but you’re still you and beating yourself up about it is not going to make it better. Build time and space for yourself and take this opportunity to heal your relationship with yourself.

#5 You will wake up one day soon enough and know you’ve moved on


It feels like your world is falling apart right now. Separation anxiety is real, there’s a hole where your ex used to be. That’s normal. Fill that hole with you, and know that you still have a life outside of your relationship. Go out, meet friends, work, do the things you love and get into the routine of the everyday. Nothing heals better than time and distractions aka work. You’ll be okay and things end only so new things can begin. Take the time to breathe.


So, if you have an elder sister who is doling out this amazing post-breakup advice to you, give her a bone-crunching hug from our side as well!