How to get the best out of the sales this season

It’s that time of the year again when both the malls and the online space are buzzing with multiple sale announcements and wooing people like us (with poor self-control) to max out of our credit cards yet again; just when we have barely recovered from the hit our savings took last month. But there is something about sales that make you attain a twisted kind of logic, the likes of which might range from that you are actually making money on the clothes to this is a one -time splurge.

However, being smart about sales can actually help you score some really good items at dirt cheap prices. If you are a tad confused on how to make your way through the sea of sales, then we have a fool-proof guide on how to ace them this season and get exactly what you want; plus, your money’s worth.

Take a look at your closet before you leave home to know what you are missing. This way you know what exactly you are looking for and won’t get tempted by pieces that you don’t need or already have in your closet.


Concentrate on staples and basics that need to be replaced. Well-fitted denims, formal trousers, white shirts, shirt dresses etc. are some of the pieces that can be worn all year round.


Never impulse buy. More often than not, it will be relegated to one corner of your closet and forgotten about. Instead, ask yourself if you really need that slink sequin dress or just because it comes with an 80% discount tag.

Avoid any over the top trend based items that might just not be so hot in six months’ time. Classic pieces are called that for a reason; so, when in doubt we strongly recommend you choose the tan tote over the cartoon themed backpack.

Never buy the wrong size, thinking that you will alter it (or alter yourself). That will never happen and it will be just bucks wasted.

Get on the mailing list for your favourite websites. That way you know exactly when the sale starts and have the first mover advantage.

Maintain a wish list of your favourite items at your favourite e-store. That way you can add those items to your cart without any fuss, once the sale starts.

Last but not the least—dress to shop. Wear a loose dress and opt for comfy flats and a cross-body bag that will leave your hands free to actually browse the racks in peace. Also, opt for well-fitted underwear so that you know wad clothes look good while trying them on.



Synjini Nandi


Beauty girl, fashion blogger, jewellery hoarder and shopping addict. Love travelling and exploring new places, cuisine and culture.