Makeup tips for the girl who wears lenses

So, we read a lot of do’s and don’ts on how to look good in makeup if you wear glasses, but not so much about lenses. However, applying makeup in your lenses is a lot tougher as even a small speck of your eye shadow could easily irritate your eyes; plus you could end up destroying your precious lenses in just one day. But, having experienced this first hand, I would like to assure it’s not an impossible task, and a bit of practice can take you a long way.

Wash your hands before putting on lenses

Always insert your lenses before you apply creams and moisturisers, since the residual products could harm your eyes. In case you apply them first, wash your hands properly to avoid any product transfer.

Choose creamy eye-shadow formulas over the powdered ones

Always choose a cream based eye-shadow over powdered ones. The powder eye shadows could feather and little specks could enter your eyes causing irritation.

Choose mascaras that won’t become super dry and irritate your eyes

Stay away from dry mascaras that lead to clumped eyelashes, as excess particles can fall and get into the lenses.

Don’t put anything on the waterline

While lining the waterline or the tightline is a great way to define our eyes, people with lenses should try to keep it to a bare minimum. The chemicals in the products could irritate your eyeballs and lead to drying of eyes or even cause sties.

Take your lenses off before you remove makeup

Always remove your lenses first before you take off the makeup. Once you have removed them, you can focus on scrubbing the makeup off without the risk of scratching your lenses accidentally or coating it with the said remover.


Synjini Nandi


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