Maybe it’s time to stop putting food on your face?

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for whipping up quick face masks at home using au natural ingredients. In addition to it being inexpensive, I know what I am actually putting on my face. Plus, a lot of them have worked wonders on my skin. What I am referring to here are processed/leftover food items that a lot of people (and bloggers) out there are experimenting with.


Sometime back, Raychel Newton aka Makeup_maven posted makeup tutorial using food items from her pantry. The self-taught makeup artist could be seen using cocoa powder to fill her brows, macaroni & cheese powder for eyeshadow, butter as a highlighter and a Snickers bar for contouring. As a finishing touch she used raw beets for lip color. This also propelled a lot of people to take up the ‘face full of food’ challenge.

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This wasn’t the only one. YouTuber Bunny Meyer a.k.a. Grav3yardgir used cheetos to curl her hair. Yep, that’s right.

The thing is that while I do understand the concept of bizarre beauty trends and techniques, I wish things would get a bit more doable. So, while doing something whacky might make the bloggers and the YouTubers famous overnight, it doesn’t much do for people out there. Because for one, who would use cheetos as a hair curler? Or for that matter a snicker bar to contour the face? For one, the cheesy greasy smell and the stickiness factor would drive me crazy. Though I am all for the beet which can leave a natural rosy stain like no other.

Secondly, all processed food items are laden with preservatives in addition to oils, spices etc. So, don’t be surprised if you suddenly notice breakouts on your face. Moreover a lot of people find this a good way to use up their leftover food. I say give it to a homeless person instead who would really appreciate your generosity. But then again I am not sure if we can call snickers, butter and cheetos as leftovers.

I am all about trying innovative new ways to spice up our beauty routines, but I think I will stick to non-edible options for now; or the odd cucumber, aloe vera, banana etc. Get my drift?


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